How to "cut" an object with render pass

I want to create an archictectural visualization like this image.

I want to see the interior of the building but also see the facade. I think I already saw something like this in facebook group but I couldnt find the post. I think the guy said he use render pass to make this “cut” in the 3d model but I have no idea how to execute this idea.


Make two models (opened and closed), then combine them with two scene render passes and mix by some alpha (it could be a circle pinned to screen pan or smth)

Do you have a link to the original post? I’m curious about that because I’m not sure how render passes fit into this. My first thought would be to use some vertex displacement. You could look at the lens studio material for reference, and try to port the same logic into spark.

Ongjen posted a nice phong shader that would be a good starting point.