How to - cyber glow „blur“

Hey. (I wasn’t able to attach links or images if you need more information lmk)

I‘m trying to achieve a cyber glow effect. I created a topic before about this but didn’t quite understand how. I couldn’t find it unfortunately so I created this new one. I have assumed it’s one of the blur patches by postitlabs. I’ve been wanting to create it for such a long time but I haven’t found how. If someone has tried to create a filter or has a similar project please help me too.

One of the filter examples are:

★ ★ ★ by uh.meg

Or ??? :frowning: by lazy777

Thank you.

@josh_beckwith you are being mentioned :slight_smile: All good things come from you Josh haha <3

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A good place to start is probably the Sobel patch

To get the glow effect, you can send the output to a shader render pass, then apply some bloom to it. I have an old tutorial on YT