How to do Else If in Patch Editor

Good Morning everyone, I need help with some logic here.
(Omg, I know… it’s so embarrassing to ask this)

So… How to do an Else If in Patch Editor if I want this condition:

using namespace std;

float time = mod(getTime(), 10.0);
    if (time > 9.0)
        return "RED" ;
    else if (time > 7.5)
        return "ORANGE" ;
    else if (time > 6.0)
        return "YELLOW" ;
        return "GREEN" ;

I know how this logic works in my head, but i’m struggling like a dumdum here trying to execute this in patch editor. It’s so frustrating when it’s so simple yet somehow we can’t do it! It’s like we’re trying to say something that we know but we just can’t remember the name or the word.

I don’t know if this is the right way to translate what else if does but this one works:

Please let me know if there is some more elegant/better/simpler way to do it.

It might be simpler to understand in patches by using an option switch

Ahh right… That’s a good alternative. I completely forgot about the existence of Option Switch patch, maybe that’s why I never used it. lol