How to do Time Warp Effect in 4 directions

Hey your creator guys, Hope u all doing great.

As you guys know @rbkavin did a tutorial about how to do a TimeWarp effect which freezes the frame in 2 directions (up to down & left to right). I was just wondering how can I do this in 2 other directions (right to left and down to up)

Appreciate ur helps

If you want to switch directions, I think you can just switch the start and end values

Like what @josh_beckwith said, you could do that to change it. Or if you want to have the option to let users or other trigger to change the direction, you could put logic patches such as If patch where the first slot is the altered direction and the second slot is for the default and connect the boolean button to your desired trigger such as screen tap or native ui picker. With native ui picker combined with option picker you can send multiple different values as combination to change the direction for each ui button.

Let us know if it solved your question. Good luck with your project :smiley:

This is exactly what I’ve done with Temporalis!

Specifically, I use the UI picker’s selected index as the input to the option picker that has some values in it

bro, I followed that tutorial and this is the result.

If I use A values it will freeze left to right and if I switch the start and end values(B) it will freeze up to down.
How can I do it in right to left and down to up?
Or do you guys suggest another method to freeze the frame?

dude im okay with ui picker, my main problem is about technical things.
Please read my reply to josh, Thanks

I think you just need to switch the start and end here. You can fiddle with these values manually (alt+up/down) to see how they will affect the thing.

Edit: also disconnect the progress and you can manually control the percentage to see where it will end up. 0 to start, 1 to end

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 11.14.25 AM

Thanks for your help josh,
I did what all we talked about and by changing the end and start it only changes between these 2 :
LTR and Up to Down …
But there is no chance to make it RTL and Down to Up!

If you can post the arexport, I can show you more directly.

of course bro. I’ll really appreciate it
scan.arprojpkg (74.2 KB)

Here’s RTL. I think you can extrapolate to find bottom to top :slight_smile:

:heart_eyes: Thanks man. I didn’t see the subject from that angle.
I did it in all 4 direction. Thanks for your help♥

Hey josh, sorry to bother you again.
I have another problem here and that’s about the line animation.
I’m using a plane and animating it across the screen but I have some problems :
First, it doesn’t match the freezing effect, and sometimes it goes faster or slower
And second, as the user’s screen size changes, The line is not in the right position for start.
Do you please suggest to me a better way to have the line and the animation of it (texture is important to me)?

I’d recommend deleting the position animation values and redoing it from scratch. I think those are using the old coordinate system, which is why it doesn’t match any more.

You just need to go from zero to screen size and switch the values based on direction.