How to fallback unsupported capability, like deviceMotion?

Hi guys!
do you know if there is a way to create a filter that:
if the hardware supports gyroscope, then we use it, but if there isnt a gyro, the filter wont just stop working altogether? (like with a “filter not available” error message)

something like const devicemotion = require(devicemotion).then().else( ok, no gyro then, no worries)

but that its not identified as “must have gyro” when users try to run it…

I have been asking for this feature for the longest time, but I think it sort of goes against the established system of enabling capabilities in a pre-process step. I’m doubtful it will ever come around. It would certainly help to get the effects to a larger audience, but I think it’s a big lift for the dev team.

It’s not ideal, but the suggested workaround is to make two versions of the effect - one with the capability and one without.

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yeah… thought as much… thanks Josh!