How to fetch the list of blendshapes name of a 3D object thru script?

Im having problem on fetching the list of blend shapes names of a 3D object thru script?

Are you doing Avatar from readyplayer me? if so I have the same issue :smiley: The main thing to solve this issue is to export ur mesh into FBX file format, and then all blendshape start to responds

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As Jorik said, mainly with blendshapes what matters is format. fbx is typically handled better than .gltf in terms of blendshapes and animations whereas .gltf seems better in terms of texture fidelity on import (from what I seem to have noticed)

Interesting problem to have. It’s not something I have dealt with before, but if you can share a test case project, I’ll take a look. Happy to accept via DM if it’s proprietary stuff.