How to fit a face perfectly?


I try to make a filter with the face of a celebrity from a photo, but it always ends up horribly deformed. I try to adapt the face to deform it so its facial features are on the same place as on the reference model, but the more I deform it, the horriblest it becomes, and in the end you can’t even recognize the person anymore.

I saw the Zelensky filter by Popular on Insta, and the face is really well made, I could recognize him immediately without even seeing his name.

Do you have any advice on how I should proceed to improve my deformations ? Thanks a lot

It’s not something I have tried before, but in general, you will probably need to modify the face mesh vertices to more closely match the geometry of the celeb’s face. Then of course you need to map the texture to the mesh so it aligns with the facial features.

Here’s a cool looking workflow that might work:

Here’s a screenshot of our Zelenski project for help. After trying blendshapes and the like it turned out the best look was simply creating a flat face texture from a picture and applying that directly on a facemesh as a face paint material with the properties modified a bit.

Not too sure how you’re going about it so far, especially what you mean when you say you’re deforming it. Are you trying to mimic the traits by blendshaping the facemesh on blender?

@josh_beckwith I did not think about deforming the mesh, it could be why my result feels fake. I will give it a try !

@Boris I think we are talking about the same workflow. I also tried to create a flat texture from a picture, but the result is absolutely horrible, because I think I flatten it really badly, destroying the proportions of the face to a point where you can not recognise the person anymore. Hence my question, about finding a better worflow to flatten the face correctly. I mean this is my try on making an Mbappé filter :

And this is Zidane :

It reminds me of these old school football games where you could almost not recognise the players lol

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haha I see what you mean. Did you set the material type to Face Paint? It seems like they’re set to Standard or Flat in the pictures above. Would likely help a bit with the blending.
I unfortunately don’t remember if I did anything special to flatten the face texture, or if it’s just luck that the face works better than others :thinking: