How to know mouth has been closed? ( simple question )

i mean , when i open mouth , i show text visible , but i only make text invisible when i close my mouth .,.

i want to know how to make something like onMouthClosed(){

I’ve done stuff like this using patches, like less than or greater than logic patches connected to mouth openness or else the boolean mouth open value (see image below)


Do you need to know how to do this specifically in script? The patch method is pretty straight forward. Just pipe the “mouth open” boolean signal into the text object’s “enabled” boolean

i think i forgot about what my purpose , of why i ask this questions , :’(

yes i know but i kinda forgot my purpose ,sorry , its not simple as that

well you can always use a delay node
then you check “is my openness > 0.1” with a delay of say 0.1 seconds, then another check without delay “mouth openness < 0.05” > if both hit true, you are likely closing your mouth

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