How to make a 3D model scale with the facemesh?


I’m making a filter that uses the 3D model of a mask and I noticed that the size of the mask stays the same and doesn’t scale with the size of the facemesh which seems to vary between each person (At least that’s what I managed to see in Spark simulations), is there any way to make the model scale with the facemesh?

Thanks in advance!

It won’t automatically resize because it’s not rigged to the face key points. You could rig your model and attach it to some of the tracked points. That would be the most thorough solution. We have a beard rig that does something like this.

A simpler solution would be to just use a few key points like leftCheek.cheekbone and rightCheek.cheekbone to determine horizontal scale, and apply that to the model as a whole.