How to make a clipping mask?

Hi there,

Is it possible to hide an object, face mesh particularly, partially (like half of an object). So you can’t see the canvas/plane but it obscures the face mesh. Like you can do it in Photoshop or AI using clipping masks/container.

Yes you can by splitting the rgb and alpha channel. Then use each other’s alpha to subtract the front material’s alpha channel. Or you can do alpha mask using texture that you create in photoshop or similar program. Another method is by using sdf for the alpha mask.

Splitting the rgb and alpha can be done by connecting the texture to unpack or swizzle and then pack it again but in between them you do the alpha mask.


If you have multiple object to have one alpha mask, you can use scene renderpass from each object, mix them in the renderpass pipeline and do the alpha mask method that i said earlier.