How to make a filter in which Render Passes are added to a 3d model (Plane Tracker)?

I am carrying out a project, in which I want to apply a Render Passes, to my 3d model, which is in the Plane Tracker. By following the steps on the official Spark AR blog Tutorial: Creating a Glow Effect with Render Passes . It’s like my 3d model just disappeared

Can you share some screenshots and an example project? It will be easier to say what the issue is.

Hi, not too sure either without a screenshot but I’d say the likely culprit is either :

  • the scene object (so your 3D) got disconnected from the render pass chain
  • the blur settings you put are so high that it made it “disappear”

We can more easily help if you provide the project itself or at least a screenshot of the current patch editor :slight_smile: