How to make a split screen game filter

I am making this filter that you can choose between left and right look I tried to use ocluder to hide one side but when the person move forward it broke the illusion.

It’s most likely a question of playing with the advanced render options in the materials + proper layering.
Here’s a free template to help you, shared by the man Davide La Sala himself ages ago, covering this exact situation, I just repacked it in v97 to make sure it still works

faceDesignSlider-1.0.97.arprojpkg (53.9 KB)

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Any chance you have the v95 version ? I usually avoid updates because they run slower after every update on my notebook. If you dont have no problem I will update to see the file.

yeah sure, here it is repackaged in v92 :slight_smile:

FaceDesignSlider-1.0.92.arprojpkg (53.8 KB)