How to make objects in spark AR move like fabric/textiles

This is something I have been wondering about for a while.
I am a big fan of @ines.alpha and her filters.
What I like the most is the fabric like movement coming from some of her filters.
See this filter as example:

Anyone knows if this is done within the patch editor of if there is also some rigging going on?
#rigging #animation #patcheditior #fashion

Any suggestions @mitsuko ?

Eugene Soh posted a pretty cool tutorial for cloth rigging.


@Sarah Wasn’t really sure how to do that. Haven’t gotten the chance to rig cloth yet. Thanks for the info @josh_beckwith

wow thank you so much @josh_beckwith , this looks very exciting !

I guess it´s an animation sequence rendered somewhere else.

Guess this one is creating with joint fake physic movement. But here’s another method with Houdini and skinning converter that simulate cloth effect pretty realistic


This is my take on it, I wrote a few explanation under the post if needed :slight_smile:


hi @Victor_Mustin
I am currently also woking through the tutorial by Eugene Soh posted earlier.
I am stuck atm. in trying to export the Unparented bones. The bones simply do not show up inside spark. They do show up in the Parented version. Any help? I am also using blender :slight_smile: