How to make this game mechanic?

Previously I’m unity user, ijust want to compare… How hard if I will make this game mechanic…

1.Block fall from above
2.block can be controlled by head turn left or right
3. Box could be placed at the same color then score will added, if the color doesnot the same, then game over

, can you explain me how to do it… Tell me the hard things… I can do it if easy things like head turn but how to control the Block while the block fall


mmmh, the hard part here I’d say is that spark doesn’t let you instantiate objects in your scene, at least not for now. What this means is that you’ll have to have all these blocks already in your scene, and play with their visibility and positions.
Another difficulty will be to have collision checks on the rectangles that have already fallen and are correctly placed by the user. I think it’s doable though I’d have to also get into it a bit to really see if that’s the case ^^°

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