How to manage several target trackers

Hey spark lords.

I’m creating a project that has several(9) movable target trackers.
Everything is good an goin well but there is a really small but annoying problem.

Given that some of my targets have similarities, Spark sometimes identifies them as the same, and when I run my effect at the time I identify target 1, the content I intended for target 2 is displayed; Because these two targets are somewhat similar.

For this reason, I decided to use the picker ui to first specify exactly which target the user wants to identify and then activate the same target tracker. So i can manage that similarity problems …
But i don’t have an idea to do that, Enabling or Disabling target tracker in spark is just by a checkmark in the studio, and not in the patch editor or scripting api (i didn’t find anything for that)

Do you guys have any idea how to handle this problem and manage the effect? I appreciate all your helps♥️

@Jorik_Rosa @josh_beckwith @Tomas_Pietravallo help me guys.

Hi! Im not sure I understand you right, but you can bind to different tracker the number and check it equal to separate it.

Here is example. I take one similar texture for two different targets and bind to it numbers and check if its equal, then tracker will apply first img to the first funded target and second to the second ;). Hope you understand mechanics.

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I’m not sure if this will actually stop the target tracker from tracking, but you can set the hidden property in script. If you look at the docs, you can see that TargetTracker inherits from SceneObjectBase, so you can use any of those methods/properties on the target tracker.

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I’m gonna try it man. Thanks

Yeah bro. Actually what i want to do is to stop a target tracker from tracking …
Anyway thanks for your help

Josh you were right. Making the target unvisible will make it stop tracking.

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