How to play something every 'x' seconds?

I want to play a loop animation every 15 seconds, without reversing it.
If I try to reset it with antiloop on 15, it won’t play.

Captura de Tela 2021-11-01 às 10.14.59

What is the solution to it?

By also connecting the completed from loop animation to the reset of the animation patch???


as @Adi_Satrio mention you need to reset Animation patch to zero every 15 sec to restart it from zero to one

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Yeah it’s not intuitive but playing the animation again doesn’t reset it even if it’s completed. Gotta tell it to reset like the others said.

If I tell it to reset at the same moment I want it to play again, it won’t play. I tried resetting it with antiloop block

Huh, seems like a bug to me. You could skip the animation patch by doing some math on the loop animation progress output, like this:


I think you don’t need the antiloop block from the loop animation completed pulse to the animation (not loop animation) reset patch. just plug that in directly. and make sure you don’t have any off pulse or any pulse that triggers the stop at the same time.

one thing to notice is that reset input from I’m pretty sure any built in patches in spark will only bring it back to zero without stopping the progress, think of it like an offset patch. It still got me time to time, cuz I thought the reset will behaves like a stop/shut down, where it returns back to 0 and stop the progress until we send a pulse to the play it again. But no, it’s more like a restart. and to shut down, you have to trigger the reset and the stop. I hate it just like I hate the screen origin on top left not bottom left, or watching anime with dub and not sub. lol (off topic, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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WOW. What an elegant solution. How can I never tried that before?!
That is super useful and clever. Thanks Josh!

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Amazing solution Josh! Thank you

It was a bug, the normal method of ‘play/reset’ is working again after today’s update.

Par for the course in Spark, lol.

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