How to preview in TikTok?

I’m trying to preview some work in progress.

Supposedly you can generate and scan a QR code.

Has anyone found out where the scanning option is now that TikTok have removed the ‘Discover’ tab?

Thanks in advance

huh, I still have the Discover Tab on my TikTok app. The QR scanner is the icon on the very top right next to Search in the screenshot below :

Not sure if they’re rolling out Betas for some people, in which case it might not be something they thought of ^^°

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Hey there! We’re working to update our Preview article. In the meantime, if you have the Friends tab, click the Add Friends button in the top corner to access the QR scanner.



Someone on the Effect House group on Facebook has given me the answer: it’s in Settings.

Many thanks.

Unfortunately I don’t have a scan option in the Add Friends tab, just a search bar. I’ve tried on 2 different devices and I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling. Maybe it’s some kind of a beta as Boris said.


i guess it depends on your location or app version :slight_smile:

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yeah I don’t have the QR scanner anymore x) At least not where it was and I haven’t been able to find it anymore, which is somewhat frustrating