How to promote an AR effect in Instagram Stories

All accounts can now use the Link Sticker in Instagram Stories so this feature can be used to promote your AR effects in a really simple way.

  1. Go on Spark AR hub in order to grab the link of your effect

  2. Select the story sticker from the editing mode of your story, paste the link of your effect, et voilà!


Yeaaaaahahahah! I’m so happy right now that I have this ability :smiley:
now I can share my Snapchat lenses directly :partying_face:

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Hahaha not sure it’s a good idea but fun one :see_no_evil::rofl:

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This is awesome :slight_smile:
Was looking for this kind of functionality

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Yes it’s great!
Or if you’re on android, you could also try this:

  1. Go to your profile and tap the effect icon.

  2. Choose and tap the effect you want to share on instagram story.

  3. Tap the try it button.

  4. Tap your effect’s name.

  5. It will open up a “hidden” extra options, tap the “share effect link”

  6. tap the copy to clipboard option.

  7. Once it is copied, you can then just paste it in the url box on instagram story link sticker just like in @laszlo 's tutorial

I don’t know if it also works on iphone cuz I only have android phones around.
But I think it is available on iphone too.

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