How to remove item instead of using visibility?

I want to create an eating game, currently im using visibility to ‘hidden’ once the item is eaten by the user. Is there any way to remove the item instead of using visibility?

Hi, can you be more specific? what type of object is it? is it a 2D rectangle or plane? 3D object? is this item only one or a lot of them? is this item using it’s own unique material for each of them? or there are a lot of them but using the same material? because those information will help us understand what you want to achieve.

You can use the alpha channel/opacity of each material’s texture for more control of how it disappears like fade out entirely, directional fade out, dissolve, from edges to center or vice versa.

if you have multiple object with the same material, but still want to be able to remove each of them individually, you’ll need to use custom render pipeline by using render passes.

There are 4 items(it’s plane, using different material for each item) and this 4 items are falling down and can be eaten.

Currently what I did, once an item is eaten, I hide the item using visibility and I just realize that the item is still there and there’s a chance of a user eating the same item that the user eat just now which will make the filter looks irrelevant and not making sense.

So im wondering if there’s any other way to remove the item after eaten instead of just hiding them

Hope you can get what I mean haha.

Can you use that same boolean in the hit detection? Basically don’t register hits if the object is hidden.

Otherwise, there is a way to remove scene objects using script