How to report steallers

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I just wanted to know is there anyway to report someone that just copied your effect and even name and icon and …?
Just lets talk about it. Mybe i have to not worry about it or …

Hi @mrerror,

I understand what you are going through. (AFAIK) There is no easy way to get to a human and argue your case, the best you can do is to send a detailed message to the Spark AR Creators account and hope for the best AND/OR go to [effect] > Report> Copyright Infringement and follow the instructions

I had a creator (try to) copy my “What time is it?” effect (Post here on the lab talking about the effect) but I never reported it so I don’t know what the experience is like :man_shrugging:t4:

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There’s also someome who clearly replicate/make tutorial of fire shader from your gumroad without giving any credits to you on youtube. I had confront him cuz he is a creator from the same country as me. And now he put the proper credit in the description. Did he contacted you for permission? Kinda sick of those people who try to make money by copying without any credits or adding any additional value or at least have permission from the original artist.

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Thanks, he did not contact me. I contacted him a few weeks ago (months after it went up) to ask for some credit.
The goal of that project isn’t to generate sustainable income but rather to spread learning about shaders, I don’t mind it being video-recorded and translated (it can reach a broader audience! so I’d encourage it) but I do mind not getting any credit, as it’s something that took time to build and put together nicely, and I did so basically on my own time - like all open source projects I have.
It’s sad but hey, I can always create better things and push myself forward :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @Tomas_Pietravallo,

Thanks for your help bro. I will do it.
:smiley: I’m in love with this community man, Everyone is really active here!


Bless your soul my friend :innocent:

I moved this topic to spark ar question category with new tag “copyright” so hopefully it could help others who are facing the same issue. For now I put @Tomas_Pietravallo answer as the solution until instagram/facebook provides better solution. :smiley: