How to Rewind/Reverse 3D animation?

Hi, does anyone know how to play 3d animation data in reverse?
in spark ar we can use progress and using animation to play and reverese, I’d like to know how to achieve the same mechanics in lens studio. can someone guide me?

Didn’t know either, surprisingly never had to. I think I ended up finding it though, if you look at the Animation Mixer, and more specifically highlight one of the different animation clips, there’s a clock icon at the top right of it’s properties that reverses the animation.


thanks! i ended up using behavior script to trigger the play and rewind animation following your screenshot. i hope they provide those scripts and assets used in their templates on the library so we don’t have to save their templates, and browsing the save folder to grab and reuse them in another project. it’s super tedious cuz we can’t open multiple instance of lens studio and transfer those files.

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yeah I really wish they’d let us open more than one instance at a time…