how to swizzle render pass smoke

Hello hello.

I followed this tutorial to make a smoke trail behind a running horse in my scene but I cannot seem to invert to color to white as described on the website.

Also, I might be doing something wrong with the render pass order because now all I am getting is the smoke trail without the original horse textures.

My only guess is that you should not be using the subtract blend at the end.

It’s hard to tell what is going on just by looking at the patches. Maybe you can share a test project? It doesn’t need to be the full project, just a small case to work on the problem.

I uploaded it on my google drive: hippodrome_LAB.arexport - Google Drive

I cannot get the horses to render without using the blend patch in subtract mode. I only get the smoke otherwise. one horse is white the other is brown. I might have something wrong with the render order.

Thank you so much.

I swizzled and moved a few things around - hopefully didn’t break anything.

hippodrome_LAB_edited.arprojpkg (4.4 MB)

Amazing, thank you! It is not broken, just on a different object. But I now understand what value I needed to swizzle. thank you so much!