How to toggle scene items on/off?

Hey there, in the vein of posting things that took me some time to avoid other people wasting theirs, here’s a quick tip : there’s a node called “Set Visibility”.
When selecting an item in the Hierarchy panel, look at the right side of the UI, where the related info of the item lies. You should at the top see a “+” icon that will give you the option “Get -name of item-”, in the example below, the item is a 3D object called “first shades”.
This will create a node you can connect to the “Set Visibility” one in order to make any scene item disappear when you wish :slight_smile:

The conditional logic is very simple, just requires it’s own Screen Tap event each time (haven’t found a better way). It reads : "On Screen Tap, if -value- Greater Than X, Set Visibility
There are 3 states, when the value = 0 I want to reset both item’s visibilities.

Screenshot 2022-06-14 at 10.47.26

You can find the counter I’m using with this here :


Thank you so much ! I really need this as I just begin with EH :slight_smile: