How to use screen tap and picker at same time to control the same stuff?

I want to use the picker and screen tap to control the visibility of the same stuff so people can change the options while recording video or use picker. I already saw a filter by Eddy like this so I know its possible but I dont know how to script this functionality.

I don’t have time to make a full example, but I’ll leave the basic outline here for now.

  1. Listen to tap event
  2. Increment picker.selectedIndex on tap
  3. Constrain the bounds if(picker.selectedIndex > numberOfPickerItems) picker.selectedIndex = 0

I think you can use the picker normally, just add the logic for the tap events

I think you can do that by using a combo of ui picker to option picker and some logic with the help of pulse multiplexer from the AR Library to toggle the visibility or even animating the alpha value for smooth On and and Off.

But I don’t know how to do it via script.