I need Help with randomizer

Hello, So basically I made this randomizer where the circle stops rotating at a random point. Now I want the image in the middle (that is Virgo) to change according to the zodiac that the arrow is pointing towards. If I use randomizer in the images also, it will stop at a random image but it will not match the zodiac the arrow is pointing towards.Can anyone help please?

It’s hard to say how to solve this exactly, without knowing what your patch graph or script looks like, but the solution will be to use the same randomized value to drive both behaviors. That way, they will always match up.

These are the only patches I used. No scripts.
This rotates the wheel along Z axis and randomly stops after 5 seconds. I want to connect the image sequence of the middle circle with this rotation so that the images watch. I don’t where to start. Can you please help me how can I begin?

You need the randomized value to set the end point of the rotation AND the selected image. I would start with just a random number between 0 and 1, then use the “To Range” patches to set the correct range for the value. E.g. To Range(0, 11) or To Range(0, 360)

Delete the “offset” and “less than” and just use a regular animation patch. The tap pulse should hit play on the animation and randomize on the random patch at the same time.

For image selection, you can use an animation sequence and just set the current frame with a rounded “To Range” output.

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honestly a hackier approach would be to look at your wheel and see what zodiac signs correspond to what angle degrees (Taurus would be between 5 to 20° for example), from there you have an “equals” with appropriate spread to cover the zone.
If angle/random number = 312° then Capricorn because Capricorn is 310-330°, stuff like that