I need more example project

About animation or animating in spark ar. Also about scripting

I’m not a very experienced coder so will leave that part for now but what are you looking to learn in terms of animation within sparkAR?

There are several different kinds of animations, the ones I use frequently are :

  • animation sequences
  • “animation player” patch animations
  • bone animations

Iwant to learn about showing 3d object then animate it… Spoon and fork then there is a bowl … When you open the mouth, the spoon is animated to take food and put it in your mouth

To show a 3d object, just drag the asset in the scene and it’ll appear at the default position (centered).
In order to animate a 3d object, you need to animate its positional values (Position, Rotation, Scale). Here is the basic setup to animate, both with an animation and a loop animation :

For your scenario, you could consider using both, either an animation player that you “reverse” or a loop animation that you “mirror” (both of these being settings you can see on the patch).

But when I import fbx object…
The texture is missing…

In general, Spark agrees more with GLTF, but it sounds like you can embed textures in your FBX according to this article

  1. When you’re done changing your materials and textures, go to File > Export > FBX (.fbx) .
  2. Change the ‘Path Mode’ to ‘Copy’, then click the ‘Embed Textures’ icon. This makes sure that all of the textures are embedded into your model

For scripting, I think Sohail Mehra has the best tutorials. Here’s his channel: