Image tracking and face tracking in one filter?

Hi, I’m fairly new to Spark AR and was wondering if it is possible to make a filter with face tracking for the front camera, and image tracking for the back camera? I have already tried making it, but when I send it to preview on my phone (not meta spark player) the image tracking works for the back camera, but when I switch to the front camera the Instagram app shuts down

That sounds like a bug. I think it should be possible though. Can you share a test link or a project for us to test?

Here’s a test link:

I tested it on an android phone and it worked perfectly fine, but wouldn’t work on my iphone. Not sure if it’s just my phone in particular. Tried uninstalling and installing instagram again but it still shut down whenever i tried to test it.

I’m not seeing any content in the world. It seems like it’s swapped somehow. I do see some 3D objects and some person segmentation in the selfie camera, along with the swap camera message. I only see a logo appear briefly in the rear cam, but no crash. I’m on Pixel 6 Pro.

Anyway, the crash is definitely a bug. I would report it through spark’s “report a problem” dialog and attach the project to it.