Infinite Segmentation?

I’m trying to explore person segmentation further and was wondering if I can keep applying segmentation textures inside of the main person segmentation mask? How do i go about creating a segmentation within the segmentation within the segmentation etc. so instead of the person being shown its a continuous feed of the screen as the segmented texture…

tried messing around with the blend patch and scene render passes+delay frames with no luck

[see attached image] tl;dr i’d like to keep applying a continuous person segmentation mask inside dolapo’s segmented texture to create an infinite segmentation texture

I’m not totally sure what your end goal is, but it might help if you use a different video for testing. This white background isn’t much to look at, so try it on something with a bit more color and texture and see what happens.

I think I already saw a filter with this idea. Look for “diffract” from aevtarperfom.

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^yes this is the basic gist of what i’m trying to accomplish. planning to add my own animations and shader to it.

does anyone know which nodes do i connect to add rectangles inside the segmented person?

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that.
To get things to show inside the segmentation only you can use it as a mask or alpha channel on certain materials.

Looking at her effect, it seems as though she’s scaling rectangles with the personSegmentation applied as an inverted alpha. Then tying their position to the facetracker rotation