Instagram effect is not available

I posted a effect in instagram, when i click it don’t see a try it option, what could be the problem?
Kindly someone help me with this!

Could you share a picture?

whenever i open this filter i only see “more details” option not “try it” option.

Is the effect visible? I’m not sure what the problem might be here :confused:

yeah it works with oneplus and apple not with other mobiles, i tried samsung, xiaomi, nokia, vivo, oppo and some other but it didn’t seem to work on these mobiles.

when i tried test link before realeasing it was not working in some mobiles, i uploaded it and it got released and was visible but isn’t working…

Then it’s s problem with the phones and the different capability support. Not much you can do if that’s the case

I think there are a lot of bugs on IG right now and they’ve disabled some capabilities on some phones. This is just a guess, but it might be temporary :slight_smile:

oh fine, then i should wait for some time. Thank you so much Josh.