Invisibility/Eraser Shader in SparkAR

Can anyone share any resource or tutorial on how to achieve something like an invisibility/eraser shader in Spark AR (not with the freeze-frame technique)? Many people have tried making the invisibility effect like barney_studios, w.vv.vv and a few others, and The best implementation of invisibility shader I think is done by Craig Lewis in his Invisibility 2.0 effect

I really admire him and I’ve also tried asking him but he seems to be busy to reply, I’ve been trying to achieve the effect with little that I understand but am not getting the right technique that can be truly used for multi-purposes.

All I’m having is my failed attempts at it lol :rofl::joy: I need to find the right technique here.

In one of the Spark version release videos, Dan Moller describes one method that uses delay frames. Basically, you do some blending with the camera texture and person segmentation so it paints in the background. If you move out of frame, it will use the old background to fill in the missing spots.

Another way to do it would be with in-filling. I’m not totally sure what the process is here, but I think it involves multiple steps of downsampling, contraction, and blurring. You can check the lens studio “Magic Eraser” and study how they did it.

Anyway, since we have done this before, I think we’ll package it and put it on the sugar shop. Hopefully we’ll get it done this week.

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