Is it possible to convert a multi buffer shader to SparkSL?

hello dear friends
anybody knows that is it possible to convert a shadertoy shader that has more than one buffer?
i’m trying to convert this shader but it’s giving me error like these buffers can’t talk to each other outside shadertoy website
how can we make these buffers work together in spark ar?

Buffer (1.2 KB) (760 Bytes)

In my opinion, the best solution for buffer conversion is to use delay frame
For example, in this example that you have chosen, when you open buffer A at the bottom of the page, you can see that iChannel0 is the buffer A. So, after conversion, you must connect the output of buffer A to a shader render pass and then connect it to the delay frame and make a receiver for the delay frame and connect that receiver to the input of buffer A that you have converted.

For example:


thank you so much :heart::pray: