Is it possible to import nurbs / follow a curve animations to Spark?

Hey there! Great place!

I have created a rolling paper animation, tried to use it in Spark and no luck.

The best scenario is where i see the paper move the way its supposed to be rolling up.

I read on this site that it is complicated for Spark to import such animations. Is there a way to use these kind of animations? I think I am missing something.

I tried with and without object/animation/bake action (with any option)
I tried .fbx and .glb

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you for reading.

I know spark doesn’t support nurbs, only traditional geometry. I’m not too familiar with animation techniques, but you could brute-force it by generating a mesh for each frame in the animation, then play it as a stop motion sequence. I’m sure that’s the wrong way to do it though, lol.

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hahaha, thank you for clearing out the capabilities of spark on nurbs. i think i will go with bones. hopefully turns out fine!

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