Is possible to combine objects with render pass by layers?

I would like to render pass some objects with one effect and other objects without the effect but booth need the directional lights like the image below. Is possible to use the “device” as object but exclude some elements from it ?

i think you can just add multiple scene renderpass using blend mode. and I think when we pick device as scene object, it already includes everything below the scene panel that are children of the device hierarchy. so, my guess would be to blend all of those yellow objects or blue objects that you want to put a “group” effect using scene renderpass, and apply that effect in that pipeline before going to the device’ scene renderpass that goes to output. if that doesn’t work, maybe try to put the lights as an object in patch editor and affect them manually ???

*note: It’s just an idea. i never tried to do the exact thing like what you want to do. I’m also curious to know.

I moved this topic to Spark AR Question category and created new tag called “lighting” for 3d light (ambient, environment, directional, spot and point light) topic.

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You will need to duplicate the lights. Using the render pass essentially makes a separate scene, so objects can’t be shared between the two.

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by looking at his scene panel, i don’t think he can duplicate more lights cuz he already uses 4 light source. spark ar limits us to only use 4 lights max right? or is there any “trick” to work around that limitation?

In theory you should be able to use more than the limit in render pass projects, but I just tried it for myself and there are some UI behaviors that block it. I can copy/paste a bunch of directional lights, but then it won’t let me move them around. It’s very strange. Seems like an oversight, so I reported it.


I was trying to “over sample” the 3d objects to create an antialising effect but it become too complicated to separate the object from the light so I let just it the way it is.

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Does the oversampling not work if you do it on the whole scene?

It work but the filter start lagging in older phones. So I tried to over sample just the objects that need it so it wouldnt compromise the performance.

How to oversampling? is it just by using the scene render pass Scale?

Yes. Just double or multiply by 1,5 is enough.