Is possible to let faceless patch colors more stable?

I am doing a filter that need to cover the whole face with skin color. The faceless patch is good but the colors is unstable and change at every expression of the face. Is possible to add a kind of delay or transition so the colors doesnt glitch with face movement ?

I think what you are describing is a basic delay frame + Mix setup. Something like that should smooth out the changes in color over time :wink:

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Yeah I have no one stop solution for this either. Tested by averaging several different points of the face and applying them as different alpha masks (like one for the bottom part of the face, two for the top), but it’s always a bit flaky.
Josh helped me improve the technique by adding render passes into the mix, as Thomas suggested. He extracts the face texture, freezes it on a plane and uses that to sample. That way you don’t risk the teeth becoming the reference point for example and mixing white in.

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Dan Moller did a super cool tutorial on painting in the missing parts of the face. It was in one of the quick tips videos for a release that didn’t really have much in it. It’s probably overkill for color sampling, but worth checking out.

You could take a snapshot of the face texture whenever the face enters a certain rotational range (aka the front, so nothing is obscured). That would ensure you can see the full face, and it would make a static texture to sample from.

The problem is that I am using face deformation Its a cartoon effect. If I use render pass I cant use deformation. I dont know why they put this kind of limitation in the software.