Is possible to use render pass as an anti-aliasing filter?

3d models always have some artificial edges on filters. I wonder if is possible to soft the edges like an anti-Aliasing filter in games.

You can increase the size of the Scene Render Pass to more than 1 for the 3d model to achieve an anti-aliasing effect. But you do have to check the performance on the phone after doing so to see if it is worth it.


huh, didn’t know this, will promptly implement this wherever I can ^^

So this is somewhat a Super Sampling? Interesting. Gonna implement in most effects.

I will try it. But considereing it reduce performance it may not be a good idea.

I used it in one of my client’s effect and it doesn’t seem to affect the performance, probably because the 3D model is simple. You can try it:


FWIW In my slit-scan effect, I use a render pass + delay frame that is 64x larger than the camera resolution and it’s not too bad. Doing 2x won’t hurt anything

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