Is there a way to use 3 different sliders?

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I want to use a picker, each option of the picker should use another slider
one for rotation
one for position
and the last one for scale.

Did something like this without luck though… when I change one slider the other one changes too.
Any emphasized texthelp?

Use scripts.
I made this for Jhony on an earlier thread. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but you can just modify it to suit your needs.


Hi! I am not really good with JS so I don’t know what does this project do or what part of the script should I change.

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I thought there might be a tricky way to do this in patches only, but I’m afraid you will need to use script because of the reactive-ness of the patch editor.

@Tomas_Pietravallo that’s a super nice looking script! But I think @Stivenko brings up a good point. It would be good to have a usage example in the readme.

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Well, I tried downloading his project but I couldn’t see anything in it…
Nothing is connected to the patches and I haven’t seen any slider info inside the script, also haven’t seen any picker connections to the slider so idk what to do…

@Stivenko Here’s another option from Lasse

Yes I know, I will try to update it and make it more use friendly and share it as an asset on the group, I just hadn’t had the time. The script auto starts, Ctrl + I will bring up the console and you’ll see a diagnostic of the current state of the settings.

Note there’s still a small issue I want to solve regarding non modified settings, I’ll solve it on the update. @josh_beckwith lasse’s code isn’t updated to promises as I discovered on the thread with Jhony, I’ll update and make a PR to his code when I sit down with the computer


Promises made, promises kept Promises that broke the code fixed.

@josh_beckwith @Stivenko @JhonyAugusto Lasse’s code is fixed! I don’t know when he’ll merge the PR but you can check it out now by going to the PR #2:

I’ll try to find time to update my repo and add an example later :heart:

Edit: PR Merged you can just go and grab the code from the repo