It is possible to compare 2 different types without patch?

It is a filter that stores a value and then displays it. The person answers yes or no questions (turn their head to the left which is “yes” and to the right which is “no”) and at the end a screen will appear just the questions they answered “yes”. To make visible the ones that were “yes” I have to compare the sign with the question.

It’s possible with or without patches, but I think scripting will give you more flexibility and be easier to read. With patches, you would need to use an option sender to flip some switches.

For handling the layout of the questions, you could probably use the 2D stack. I think it will automatically reflow the items based on visibility.

I’m not good at the script, in the patch I couldn’t develop well.
When turning left it shows Text 1, when turning right nothing happens and it jumps to text3. OK.
But when it turns left again it was supposed to show text 3, but it shows text2 that was supposed to have jumped. Understood?

In the script it’s much easier, but I’m not very good at scripting for spark, the logic I can even get, but to apply it to spark I get lost