Johwska's filter obsession

Hi everyone, I am literally obsessed with Johwska’s latest filter (dunk_disrupt). I know it may sound unusual as a request, but can someone help me decipher and reproduce it?

The basics are motion blur or frame delay + texture distortion + some RGB shift stuff


I’ll be making a tutorial for my cloak effect, which uses some of the same principles. It should drop within the next month. @enuriru got the gist of it :slight_smile:


I don’t understand how to use the texture distortion to create the invisible effect, otherwise I’m almost there.

that’s so awesome, filters like that just look like arcane magic and we only get the chance to understand them thanks to you ;_;

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is there any extra tips that you can share?

Dan Moller described some of the technique in a quick tips video

Is there a link to some videos?

They are all on the spark IG account