Just downloaded Effect House and have no preview video

Not sure why, but there’s just no preview video. Tried it with FT camera too.

Also, might be another stupid one but how do you zoom in and out of the scene? — I’m on a macbook, any gesture and key combo I should know?

One last frustration, while I’m here :wink:, is the panels size to have such a large minimum size !

I just had a user who had this issue with my light painting app (https://lightpaintlive.com). It isn’t a problem with the app itself, hopefully. In his case, I think it was just missing camera permissions from the OS.

The sizing really sucks for laptops… but at least you can pop out the simulator and have it float above. You’ll need to move it around sometimes, but at least you get some more space for the other panels.

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 11.01.31 AM

Worked it out.

Creepy TikTok won’t load the preview videos if you’re connected to a vpn.

Oh that’s good to know! I feel like they aren’t handling some errors and it’s trickling down to affect the preview videos. FWIW the EH community is still pretty small so it’s worth reporting to the support alias. They have been super responsive. effect_house_support@tiktok.com

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