Learning Logic with Spark AR

Here’s the tutorial I did for Facebook Developer Hackathon previously. I used the common random generator effects to explain and demonstrate how some logic and math patches actually work. All you need to do is to download the project file and follow the readme file step by step to see how different example works.
Understanding basic logic might be boring but is important for making not just games, but also complex shaders, interaction and also setting up multiple instructions. Hope it helps!


This is really great! Not enough of this type of thing out there, in my opinion


Oh my god I’ve read that and I didn’t know it was you who created it! That is super helpful! Thanks for your contribution! So grateful we have you in the community.

I am surprised you read it before because I haven’t share it anywhere else beside here and the Creator Collab. Glad you like it! :grin:

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Yes I’ve read it when I’m on an adventure of spark ar related stuffs on github. Basically by using the power of search bar and if spark ar related stuffs showed up, I clicked it, check the profile and the repositories one by one hoping to find some hidden gems in there. Yours is obviously one of those hidden gem for sure! After watching Josh’s youtube channel about the perlin distortion, followed his instagram account and saw his magic with optical flow stuffs, I immediately going all out hunting for that liquid effect/distortion thing, that’s where I found your water distortion if i’m not mistaken. And keep searching deeper to finally learn flowmap shader. Can’t wait to learn more magic from you guys!