Lens Screen Image resize problem

As I progressively try onboarding Lens Studio, I can’t help but be blocked by somewhat dumb obstacles. The most recent one is understanding how to render only half the Camera Texture on screen, in hopes of achieving a very simple mirror effect.

In order to do this, I figured I would add a screen image in the scene, apply the camera Texture as a material to it and crop the plane in half.
The last part however is proving problematic, no matter how much I resize, crop and change fitting options etc, I can’t get what I want : simply mirroring half the screen.

Anyone have an idea?
A fix would be an alpha map but I can’t conceive there’s not a simpler way x)

trying to mirror this part

moving it about I clearly see it’s not cropping it in half on x

There’s a few ways to do this. Either use a material with an alpha texture (I think unlit has this), or write a simple shader to assign alpha based on a half step on uv x. The shader approach is more flexible since it doesn’t need a texture, and you can create parameters for easy customization (e.g. left, right, top, bottom, or even a more generalized crop shader)


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Oh wow awesome thanks a bunch! Will take a look at the tweaking Josh mentioned as well, that would definitely be a welcome add :+1:

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