Lens Studio 3.3

3.3.0 released 2020-12-08

Visual Scripting - Create custom interactivity using node-based scripting, without coding!
My Lenses 2.0 - Manage your Lenses in browsers outside the Lens Studio application.
Texture Compression - Pack in richer assets for more compelling Lenses with automatic tunable compression inside the app.
Logger - Group, filter, and search messages in the logger view.
Face Morph Template - Morph a face in 3D using a custom mesh.
Configuration Template - Use UI widgets to create an adjustable Lens.
Tween Template - Set up animations using a dropdown menu.

— Support for Apple-silicon based Macs.
— Device Simulation Snapchat UI updated to the most recent one.
— SnapML performance improvements including Elu, Softplus, Softsign for Android GPUs and various CPU optimizations.
— Hide/show the grid in the 3D Scene.
— SnapML supports new Layers - LSTM, Permute.
— ONNX/TF import - various improvements, find out more in the ML Compatibility table.
— Ability to reset a Lens during recording in Lens Studio.

— Fixed various issues in SnapML export from pytorch 1.7.
— ‘Optimize project’ no longer deletes unused ML models.
— Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


Woooow they already have support for the new Mac hardware! Visual scripting is a pretty cool addition to the IDE. I know a lot of folks who aren’t scripters but they will f**k up a node graph all day. It goes along with the “codeless effect” ideology that LS is always talking about.


Here’s a nice digest Lens Studio has posted on their website: Powerful Updates in Lens Studio 3.3 - Lens Studio by Snap Inc.

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