Lens Studio 4.1 — Lens size doubled, upper garment segmentation and text localization

Lens Studio 4.1 is out and a few systemic improvements are up with this one!

Snap AR team litterally doubled file size limits and added garment segmentation for the fashion afficionados.

Last but not least, a special one for all the citizen of the world out there: text localization.

(and more)


  • Lens Size Limit Increase - Increases the Lens File Size limits from 4MB to 8MB!!

  • Order Independent Transparency - Enables rendering of more complex objects with semi-transparency - Guide here

  • Installer Size Reduced from 1.7GB to 600MB, which will lead to faster downloads of Lens Studio.

    • Templates are no longer installed, but will need to be downloaded on-demand.
  • Remote Lens Push for Spectacles 2021 is enabled.


  • Lens Text Localization - Allows creators to add their own localized text assets to Lens Studio from a JSON file - Template here

  • Upper Garment Segmentation - Enables multi-person garment segmentation from garments like shirts, vests, coats, hoodies and dresses - Template here

  • Multi-Object Detection - Detect where in the camera certain objects are, and add effects to them - Template here