Lens Studio 4.4 Release!

:bell: Hear Ye Hear Ye :bell:

Lens Studio 4.4 officially released to the public!

As per Lens’ official words :
With this launch, we enable Snapchatters to command and trigger Lenses without being next to a phone screen and more with :

VoiceML - Natural language understanding and speech synthesis including:

  • Speech and Command Recognition - Recognize and transcribe user speech to act on specific keywords, use speech to trigger specific AR effects, or to drive Lens UI.
  • Text-To-Speech (TTS) - Using VoiceML, convert inserted text to natural, human-like speech.
  • System Voice Commands - Enable voice commands in Snapchat Lenses to add new layers of adaptability without needing to be near your phone or use both hands. Try ‘Take a Snap’ or ‘Record a Video.’

3D Hand Tracking - Trigger and attach AR effects to hand movements in 3D, create articulate finger movements, and interact with digital objects.

External Body Mesh - Automatically fit external meshes (like clothing) onto a tracked body, without a need for rigging.

3D Skeleton Joints Display - View and manipulate rigged meshes’ joints directly in the Lens Studio viewport without needing to leave the app.

Upper Body Skin Segmentation - Apply specific textures and effects to upper body skin with new skin segmentation, which allows Lens Creators to exclude hair and clothing for more defined applications.

Improved Connected Lenses Testing - Invite other Lens Creators to join a Connected Lens session in development by pushing the unsubmitted Lens to their paired account.

Plane tracking in Interactive Viewing - Create and test Lenses with single plane tracking within Lens Studio.


  • Speech Recognition - Incorporate transcription and keyword detection as well as voice navigation commands into your Lenses.
  • Text To Speech - Learn how to create Text To Speech Lens experiences
  • Voice UI - Use Speech Recognition to incorporate voice navigation command detection based on basic natural language understanding into your Lenses.
  • 3D Hand Tracking - Applies a 3D hand model to your hand in virtual space.
  • 3D Hand Interactions - create custom interactions (such as hand gestures) with the Object Tracking 3D component through helper scripts and gesture examples provided in the template.
  • Try On - Create a set of outfits that can be switched by swiping through the carousel on screen or using a hands-free user interface that can be used while far away from the camera.
  • Portrait Skin Segmentation - Segment skin in the camera view and replace it with an image, text, 3D models, post effects and more.

Be sure to download the latest version of Lens Studio available here for all bug fixes and improvements.

Which feature are you looking forward to tinker around with most?


released 2021-09-24



  • Fixed crash related to object selection in the 2D scene panel.