Lens Studio 4.7.0

It’s our favorite dialog window! A new version of Lens Studio is out!

4.7.0 released 2021-11-01

— SDF (Signed Distance Field) generator - Allows creators to generate a 3D texture using 3D Meshes. This is a powerful data format that opens the door to advanced techniques for fast, accurate collisions and to volumetric effects. See the example in the VFX Collision template.
— Media Picker - Allows creators to use an image or video from their device’s camera roll as a texture. This is an enhancement to Image Picker. See the Green Screen template to see it in action.
— 3D Text - Generate 3D meshes from text easily using the 3D Text Component. See the 3D Text template for examples.
— 3D Hand VFX (Template) - A template that combines the using of 3D Hand and VFX effect.

— Primitive collider shape type is available in the Collider component. It now supports primitive shapes with non-uniform scale.
— New cloth simulation examples for body tracking and primitive collider in Cloth Simulation Template.
— Preview video now supports audio for VoiceML and AudioML.

— Various bug fixes and performance improvements.


already have seamless crushes until working with hand tracker =(
Support investigate it and I guess soonly we have a fix