Lens Studio - Particle Fade

I posted this in the lens studio forum and got 0 responses lol

I want to edit the default ground particle system from the floor seg. template!

I see that I can set the alpha start and alpha end, so the particles pop on and then fade off. Is there any way to have the particles fade in when they spawn (from alpha 0 to 1), and then after the allotted time fade out? Even setting the alpha start to 0 and the end to 1 doesn’t work, they just disappear (so I can tell I’m not fully understanding what the start and end parameters affect exactly).

Just jumping back into lens studio after a year or so away from it, so I’m definitely a bit lost with the new features and customizability!!


This is totally new territory for me, but it’s a good reason to dig around in LS :slight_smile:

Generally, LS has a lot more capabilities in the patch editor, so I wonder if they would have exposed the particle lifetime as a shader variable. If that’s the case, you could make your own material to determine the fade behavior.

I’ll report back after some exploration!


Here’s what I found in the docs:

I just did a quick test with this texture and it works like a charm!



josh you ARE a superstar, thank you!!

I’m not sure why I wrote lens studio off so early on, trying to get back into it is hard because the community seems a lot less concentrated than the Spark group


Yeah that’s one of the motivations for starting the Lab! I tried getting into LS but got stuck on how render passes worked and nobody responded to my question for weeks. It seems like it’s mostly just the official support team (great folks btw) helping users, and not users helping users.