Lens Studio Render Target issue


I’m working on a client project for which I run into a render target issue. I want to add a flat 2d png of flowers on the hair, bound to a facetracker and use hair segmentation to mask it. I’ve created three cameras for this :
1 - perspective camera with the head binding and plane inside, set to it’s own layer and outputting to Flower In Hair render target
2- ortho camera in which I put a screen image that takes in the Flower In Hair render rarget (also it’s own layer). This is the camera that outputs to the Default Render Target
3- ortho camera in which I put the segmentation mask, which outputs to Flower In Hair Mask

I have three targets for this :
Flower In Hair - Renders the contents of the 1st camera
Flower In Hair Mask - Renders the hair segmentation mask.

Finally I have the Default Camera in the scene set to the default render target.
Following this setup I was able to properly mask a 3d item that I bound to the neck and show it on screen. However seemingly doing the exact same thing, I can’t for the life of me get this flower png to show up, with or without alpha.

This is unfortunately a client project so I can’t share the files that easily but if this reminds you of an issue you too had and know the solution to, feel free to share :stuck_out_tongue:

If I understand it right, then you don’t need such setup with 3 cam, you can achieve it with one material with screen uv for opacity texture


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