Limit particle system in a given area

How do I limit a particle system to a given area?
In a triangle on the canvas to be more exact or an sdf (maybe it’s easier?)

One way would be to use render passes and apply an SDF mask to the output, but that’s a little limiting because you lose the depth features once it goes through RP.

Another technique is to animate the position and rotation of the particle emitter. The ideas is to run the animation super fast so it appears to be jumping around to random positions. e.g. rotating a line emitter will give you a circle.

If you want to dive into the deep end, Yegor has a great video on creating custom paths for particle emitters.

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There is an another way
You can create a rectangle
Then create a particle system
And now you must set particle system into rectangle
Like this

Set particle system position to 0,0,0
And scale to 1,1,1

Then you must see when you move rectangle, particle system automatically moving

Now you can easily move rectangle with loop animation and transition in patch editor in every position you want

And at last you can create a material for rectangle and set opacity to 0, for hide it :sweat_smile: