Liquid painting

Any idea how to achive this one?

My guesstimation: I think it uses the luminosity mask as the “dissolve” effect’s feed which then downsampled and blurred, then animate using step value to feed the alpha channel (kinda like reaction diffusion effect but not really). and after that invert luminosity for the 2nd dissolve. in other word, first one dissolve from the darkest to brightest, and the 2nd one is from the brightest to the darkest. about the changing image, idk. i’ve never tried using static image from user’s gallery. or maybe you can twist it a bit by using multiple freeze frame at first. store it, and let user record at the end after all frames are stored, just like stereoscopic filter.


maybe you can also try by downsample it using shader renderpass and blurr it, and then use something like posterize effect with 2 level, and animate it. if you notice, when you blur before posterizing it, the edges would look like a blob or rounded. again… it’s all just a guesstimation


The idea to use it with multiple freeze frames could be really cool! I am really short on time now, but maybe I’ll try it out eventually and report back.

And I think you nailed the technical execution guess. At least that’s the same answer I was going to give :slight_smile:

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Sweet. But I think there are so much more than what I mentioned. because It reminded me when i used to play around with freeze frame trying to figure out how to combine the concept of smoke shader, distortion and optical flow to create an interpolation or a bridge between freeze fames to fake a “slow mo”. where the optical flow dictates the direction of the sampling and distortion. maybe like a clonestamp tool in photoshop. and the smoke shader is the one to smoothen the transition so like gradually fading the distance. but i was stuck there when trying to create a bunch of delay frame as freeze frame/stop motion to feed the sampler and also still have no idea how to create the interval to set how much slower is the ideal spot. What i got accidentally was something like the instagram boomerang effect where it just keep looping the last few frames until it starts to degrade the image, a bit like reaction diffusion but not really. lol sorry for going out of tangent and a bit off topic.