Loop a png sequence one - can not get it to play once

It is quite baffling, it should be simple- you think.
I set the animated texture loop count to 1; it does not play but stays on one frame.
I try implementing a play once node, no luck.
I used the animation texture player to pause and resume another animation texture so to have it play once, but for the second animation, it does not want to do this. very confusing.
Using effect house 2.4. 088


After looking into the problem a bit I’m also coming short. Taking a look at their documentation there should be a node made for this : “Animation Sequence Controller” however I cannot for the life of me find it in the actual program. Nor can I find the supposed Animation Sequence component that I’m supposed to be able to add under my screen image object… I’ve sent a support ticket to ask what’s going on.

If you’ve got it to work for one animation sequence, you could consider just duplicating it and toggling the visibility of the item off altogether once the animation has played. Or toggle a static version of the sequence on/off based on needs.